Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aint it sexy to put up a vermiculture station for african night crawlers?

Sample Vermiculture Bed for African Nightcrawlers
Exactly as what the title says it. "I feel like it's sexy to put up a Philippines vermiculture station for African night crawlers". That is because organic farming is little by little gaining some ground on the use of organic fertilizer and it so happened that I know a friend who does it better than anybody else I know of. She's really amazing and I know very few moms like here would do such for the sake of her garden in the middle of Metro Manila flooded area of Tondo.

Yes, she had her own garden of African nightcrawlers out there to use for her vermicomposting farm. A small one though, it probably nurses thousands of worm creatures called ANC sometime by its raisers and farm workers.

She said she found it somewhere in Bay Laguna and bought a kilo to take home to her garden and asked how to set up the bedding and compost pile. I will be posting a follow up article on this one as soon as I get some pictures of the station and some pictures probably of her garden how beautiful the plants look when they are treated with the right fertilizer, organic that is. It's me, sexy techie.

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