Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sexy Goes Searching for Profitable Freelance Job - Loan Agent

I recently stumbled with an old friend in high school. I was surprised to find out she didn't work anymore at 43. I got curious because me, apart from being still sexy at 43 is still working and able. The question I can't avoid trying to get through to my old friend is that how come you are still single and you don't have what street bastards call a decent job yet you can afford to buy yourself a car when I can't?

Not so much of a big question though when I learned it all out as we walked and decided to settle for Chowking early dinner at 5:30 PM in the afternoon. So the story actually goes like this, my old old friend turned out not actually lame and miserable with respect to job talk. The very simple reason is that because she has been working all her life after college as an accounting grad (non-CPA passer) as a freelance loan agent.