Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sexy Goes Searching for Profitable Freelance Job - Loan Agent

I recently stumbled with an old friend in high school. I was surprised to find out she didn't work anymore at 43. I got curious because me, apart from being still sexy at 43 is still working and able. The question I can't avoid trying to get through to my old friend is that how come you are still single and you don't have what street bastards call a decent job yet you can afford to buy yourself a car when I can't?

Not so much of a big question though when I learned it all out as we walked and decided to settle for Chowking early dinner at 5:30 PM in the afternoon. So the story actually goes like this, my old old friend turned out not actually lame and miserable with respect to job talk. The very simple reason is that because she has been working all her life after college as an accounting grad (non-CPA passer) as a freelance loan agent.

She offers both collateral and non collateral loans to Pinoy looking to extend their life span to whatever reason they have in life to spend more money with trying to apply for a loan. Bottomline, my friend turned out to be a jobless envious person we thought we commonly see to be giving away flyers to people hoping for a client looking for some quick money to spend. She is now currently earning, according to her at a low 40k a month to which I and only 75% of when we speak of salary to the company I have been a corporate slave of for more than 20 years now.

So I thought of asking her a favor if I too could do a freelance job like hers while still working for the company that has fed my family and 3 kids. She said yes. Since I know a bit of online work and this has been my world for over 7 years now as a blogger of any sort, she said I can manage to have my own empire sooner or later.

What I did then was to make a research for Philippines loan providers for my lookout of new career until I found about Global Dominion financing. I applied as freelance loan consultant and from then on, me and my friend have been constantly conversing with our freelance job. I also quit my day job and gone fulltime freelance and earning the same salary as my past corporate job gave me today. I was able to spend time more with my kids and my family and is looking to earn my first award as the top loan agent in the company. My friend is working freelance it turned out with a sister company as mine today. I didn't even got the chance to stumble with her feet anymore since we both work as needed and have more time to rest using our blogs and websites to reach a marginal market for applicants of quick cash loan. Lucky me! it's been 1 and a half year now and at last I am on my way to loan my first family car trying to sell my services of assisting loan applicants from seaman to car loan. If you happen to need my services, you can always visit our website by clicking here.

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