Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trying to Enjoy Old Songs on my Konzert Amplifier

I am currently testing it out, my newly bought Konzert Amplifier and speaker set with the use of my videoke by Hyundai, the latest in fact. I'm doing this by taking time to see my old songs collection I actually gave to mom and dad, 8 years ago and still alive and kicking on my cd shelf today.

Glad to have this collection of very very old songs, classic if I may call them but still soulful and very calming. It enhances a good mood everytime I listen to these kinds of songs whether in radio or using my old collection recorded from my torrent downloads in the PC.

This collection I could just imagine, contained Nat King Cole, Matt Monro, Doris Day, Pat Boone, Perry Como, Johnnie Mathis and more.

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