Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still On Your Way to Find an Antipolo Escapade Pool?

Exactly as what the title says it, if you are still on your way to find the best option for your summer escapade, better consider watching this video that features Antipolo Resorts first. (BTW) it's still November 4 and Christmas is on its way before the sun sets hot.
You'll find an (un)official Facebook Fan Page you can visit there for more information regarding some of the best resorts in the city by the hill in Antipolo.

For other visiting options, you can try Wow Philippines official government website of the Philippine government so you can find the different places and travel options if you are a tourist coming in to the Philippines for leisure or relaxation time from work and from life as well.

Right now as I write this short note, I am gladly and happily listening to The Impossible Dream song by Matt Monro and I can say it's almost like a dream to be able to post something that is far from being used and abused by my blog readers. The reason? It's because summer is still a mile away because right now, Christmas (as I've said) is still on its way and after that, New Year sets in before the hot summer sun seethes in our brown skin as Pinoys. Please watch the video below.

Have fun you all who might just be able to find this post of mine that entails a simple tip about swimming pools and resorts of this overlooking city by the hills not so far from Manila.

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